Construction began in Fall 2017 and is expected to be completed by TBD.

What work is in progress now?

  • Discussions with property owners about project impacts

What’s been accomplished so far?

Northwest Finger Pier

  • Construction of a pier within the Hackensack River to allow for the delivery of materials via barge

  • Foundation consist of 3 foot diameter steel caissons and steel framing to support a timber deck surface

Retaining Wall “E”

  • Construct a Retaining Wall, approximately 560 long x 30 feet high, that will support new NEC Track 3

  • Retaining Wall is constructed of a Soldier Pile foundation and Precast Concrete Wall Panels

138Kv Transmission Poles

  • Fabricate and erect 2 Steel Monopoles to transfer the NEC’s 138kv Transmission Lines

  • The Monopoles are over 200 feet in height and supported by caissons of up to 100 feet in depth

 Utility Protection Structure

  • Construct a bridge over an existing 48” diameter pipe that supplies water to the City of Jersey City

  • The new bridge will allow for the heavy equipment to travel over the pipe without causing undo harm

 Fiber Optic Pole Line

  • Construct temporary pole line to relocate several fiber optic cables off of the Northeast Corridor

  • The pole line consists of 10 steel poles covering a distance of over 2,000 feet